Afton Alps Ski Patrol

Candidate Training

Training is done in two phases

o   Part one is the medical training – Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), which is conducted twice a week from the beginning of September through the first week of December.  The course has been taught at the Mahtomedi Fire Department on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:30 p.m.  The final exam is held all day on a Saturday.  A successful passing grade on the medical test is required at the end of the course.

o   Part two of training is on the hill (OTH).  Hill training begins the week after the OEC class ends in early December and typically ends in mid-February.  Hill training is all day Sunday and one evening, usual Thursdays, with time off for the holidays.  Training includes ski/board proficiency, toboggan handling, chair evacuation and snowmobile training.

o   The final National Ski Patrol test is in mid-February.  It is a tremendous commitment and attendance at all classes, both in the classroom and on the hill, is strongly encouraged.

Outdoor Emergency Care

The NSP OEC course is carried out in the fall. It involves approximately 100 hours of classroom and practical experience in training as a first responder and emergency medical provider. Included are training in medical emergencies, and the care and splinting of trauma emergencies.   It generally meets Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings every week from September until December.  Both textbook reading and homework study are necessary.  The OEC course culminates with a written and practical examination. Successful candidates are then qualified as Outdoor Emergency Care Technicians, or OEC-T. 

Outdoor Emergency Transportation

On the hill training (OTH) begins after the OEC training, usually the first week in Dec. It involves advanced ski instruction and toboggan training. It is expected to take place on Thursday evenings from 6PM - 9PM and Sundays from 9AM - 3PM (excluding holidays). Modern ski or snowboard equipment in good condition is required, including a helmet. The training runs from Dec. into Feb. and ends with a test, possibly on the 2nd Sunday in Feb. Successful candidates with OEC-T are then qualified as Alpine Patrollers in either Skiing or Snowboarding.