Afton Alps Ski Patrol

Joining the Afton Ski Patrol


The Afton Alps Ski Patrol is a member of the National Ski Patrol system, and is an all volunteer patrol.  There is a commitment of time, effort, and money to participate, particularly in the first year.

In the Fall we have a first aid class called Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), followed by on the hill training (skiing and toboggan).  OEC is similar in content to an EMT class, but OEC is tailored to first aid one can do with what you carry with you.

After you go through the OEC class (September to mid November) and pass, we have on the hill training from December through January.  Passing the evaluation in early February makes you a Basic Patroller. A Basic patroller is a patroller classification meaning that you can provide emergency first aid to the skiing public and transport patients via a toboggan to the aid room.

Before the class in September, we have a get together near the end of the prior February to discuss what kind of commitment you need to make, plus what you get out of patrolling.  Then we do some skiing.  A letter is sent in July or August inviting those who participated in our get together to start in the OEC class that fall.

The initial expense involves the cost of the OEC class and materials and the dues for joining the ski patrol.

If you are interested in joining the Afton Alps Ski Patrol, you can apply on line via the link at the bottom of the Join page.

I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

Ken Liddell
AASP Patrol Director

How do you sign up for the season? 
Contact our Patrol Candidate Advisor, Jonathan James

at 612-422-9665, or email: